I occasionally get asked to give presentations on topics that are not directly connected to a manuscript/working paper. I put a link to those here for posterity. An astute reader will note that the underlying code for these presentations exists in a subdirectory on the Github repository for my website.

Intermediate Quantitative Social Research: A Course Proposal

This is a presentation that outlines a course proposal on intermediate quantitative methods. It draws reference to a few things. First, here’s the Github repository of this presentation for reproducibility (i.e. students can do these things as I did them). Do note that this presentation also leans on a few R packages, prominently my suite of R packages. These include {stevetemplates}, {stevemisc}, and {stevedata}. Of note: {steveproj} would be a better use of {stevetemplates} in Rstudio than just the single Word template I mention (but space/time considerations mean I can’t discuss LaTeX installations or GNU Make). The example I use is derived from a post on my blog.

Quantifying the Gender Pay Gap in the United States: Two Different Paths to the Same Inference

This is a presentation on two different means to the same kind of statistical inference. The application is the gender pay gap in the United States. Another version of basically the same topic/analysis is available on my blog.

What Do We Know About British Attitudes Toward Immigration? A Pedagogical Exercise of Regression

This is a presentation on how to use regression to answer an important social/political topic of interest. The application is attitudes toward immigrants in the United Kingdom. This presentation is derived from a post on my blog.