This page includes my teaching philosophy and an empirical assessment of my teaching effectiveness. It also serves as a directory for the courses I have taught, which are freely available to current students, alumni of my classes, and any other interested observers. Transitions my website has made over the years—from university servers, to Wordpress, to (now) Github—have led to the loss of several old course websites in the shuffle. People interested in syllabi from previous courses I taught at Alabama and Illinois can e-mail me to obtain a past syllabus.

Teaching Documents

Course Directory

Stockholm University

Clemson University

Undergraduate Classes

  • POSC 1020 (Introduction to International Relations)
  • POSC 3410 (Quantitative Methods in Political Science)
  • POSC 3610 (International Conflict)
  • POSC 3630 (United States Foreign Policy)

Graduate Classes

  • POST 8000 (Foundations of Social Science Research for Public Policy)

Proposed Classes

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

  • PS 283 (Intro to International Security)
  • PS 300 (Democracies and Peace)
  • PS 395 (International Organization)
  • PS 396 (International Conflict)

University of Alabama

I taught eight separate courses while a graduate student at the University of Alabama. I taught a few classes on several occasions, for which the substance and course materials would change from one term to the next.

  • PSC 101 (Intro to American Politics)
  • PSC 102 (America and the World — Foreign Policy Decision-Making)
  • PSC 201 (Scope of Political Science)
  • PSC 202 (Political Science Methods)
  • PSC 203 (Intro to Comparative Politics)
  • PSC 204 (Intro to International Relations)
  • PSC 442 (Interstate Conflict)
  • PSC 446w (Political Economy of Security)