WordPress automatically creates these first posts upon installation of the software. Rather than edit or delete it, I let it sit for a year and a half before I started “blogging”.

I do not anticipate doing a lot of professional blogging here. Before too long, I intend to start more “substantive” semi-regular blogging at another blog that is a consortium of scholars all of whom possess an eclectic approach to understanding problems of international politics.

This blog on my academic website will be more about professional development for students at Clemson University. I care about the development of students at the undergraduate level and will use this blog as a written summary of professional development talks I intend to give under the Pi Sigma Alpha umbrella. Each talk will correspond with a written post on this blog and, when appropriate, a PDF presentation.

Contributions may come from other faculty members in our department at Clemson University and I welcome any input readers or colleagues/friends at other institutions may have.