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This is a simple data set that communicates the version numbers of data included in this package. It's a companion to the data frame ps_bib, and other information functions like ps_cite() and ps_version(). The latter uses this data set.




A data frame the following four variables.


a category for the type of data


the name of the particular data source coinciding with the category


the version number included in peacesciencer for this data source


a character key for the BibTeX key corresponding with an appropriate citation in ps_bib


Version numbers that are years should be understood as data sources with no formal version numbering system, per se. Instead, they communicate a year of last update. For example, the Correlates of War does not formally version number its state system data as it does its MID data. Likewise, the Anders et al. (2020) simulations of population and surplus/gross domestic product are not formally versioned, per se. Instead, the data were published and last updated in 2020.