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These are the data versions available in peacesciencer. Do note the user can find specific data versions with more targeted use of the ps_version() function in this package. Without an argument, ps_version() produces a data frame of all the data versions in this package.

ps_version() %>%
  kbl(., caption = "Data Versions in `{peacesciencer}`",
      align =c("c", "l", "c", "c"), 
      booktabs = TRUE, longtable = TRUE)  %>%
  kable_styling(position = "center", full_width = F, 
                bootstrap_options = "striped") %>%
  row_spec(0, bold=TRUE)
Data Versions in peacesciencer
category data version bibtexkey
states Correlates of War State System Membership 2016 cowstates2016
leaders LEAD 2015 ellisetal2015lead
leaders Archigos 4.1 goemansetal2009ia
alliance ATOP 5 leedsetal2002atop
alliance Correlates of War Formal Alliances 4.1 gibler2009ima
democracy Polity 2017 marshalletal2017p
democracy {QuickUDS} 0.2.3 marquez2016qme
democracy V-Dem 10 coppedgeetal2020vdem
capitals {peacesciencer} 2020 peacesciencer-package
contiguity Correlates of War Direct Contiguity 3.2 stinnettetal2002cow
igo Correlates of War IGOs 3 pevehouseetal2020tow
majors Correlates of War 2016 cowstates2016
conflict_interstate Correlates of War Militarized Interstate Disputes 5 palmeretal2021mid5
distance {Cshapes} 2 schvitz2021mis
capabilities Correlates of War National Material Capabilities 6 singer1987rcwd
gdp SDP 2020 andersetal2020bbgb
sdp SDP 2020 andersetal2020bbgb
population SDP 2020 andersetal2020bbgb
trade Correlates of War Trade 4 barbierietal2009td
conflict_intrastate Correlates of War Intra-State War 4.1 dixonsarkees2016giw
conflict_interstate Correlates of War Inter-State War 4 sarkeeswayman2010rw
fractionalization CREG 2012 nardulli2012creg
polarization CREG 2012 nardulli2012creg
conflict_interstate Gibler-Miller-Little (GML) 2.2.1 gibleretal2016amid
states Gleditsch-Ward 2017 gledtischward1999rlis
leaders Leader Willingness to Use Force 2020 cartersmith2020fml
terrain Ruggedness 2012 nunnpuga2012r
terrain % Mountainous 2014 giblermiller2014etts
rivalries Thompson and Dreyer 2012 thompsondreyer2012hir
conflict_intrastate UCDP Armed Conflicts 20.1 gleditschetal2002ac
conflict_intrastate UCDP Onsets 19.1 pettersson2019ov
dyadic_similarity FPSIM 2 haege2011cc

Every data set that is used by a function in this package is included in this table (and with the ps_version() function). Users can see a category of the type of data (which can be used for more careful searches of the underlying data), a description of the data set, a version number associated with that data set in peacesciencer, along with a BibTeX key. Users should interpret data versions as years as instances where the data are not formally versioned, per se, and the year corresponds with a year of a last update or a year of publication. For example, Anders et al. (2020) released their state-year simulations of population, surplus domestic product, and gross domestic product in 2020. The data are not formally versioned and the year corresponds with, in this case, the publication.

Users can use the BibTeX key (bibtexkey) to search the dataframe of citations in this package. For example, we can use ps_cite() to get a full citation for Carter and Smith’s (2020) estimates of leader willingness to use force.

ps_cite("cartersmith2020fml", column = "bibtexkey")
#> @ARTICLE{cartersmith2020fml,
#>   AUTHOR = {Jeff Carter and Charles E. Smith},
#>   JOURNAL = {American Political Science Review},
#>   NUMBER = {4},
#>   PAGES = {1352--1358},
#>   TITLE = {A Framework for Measuring Leaders' Willingness to Use Force},
#>   VOLUME = {114},
#>   YEAR = {2020},
#>   KEYWORDS = {lwuf, add_lwuf()}}