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This is a simple data set that matches, as well as one can, leader codes across Archigos 4.1, Archigos 2.9, and the LEAD data set.




A data frame the following four variables.


the observation ID in the Archigos data


the leader ID in version 4.1 of the Archigos data


the leader ID in version 2.9 of the Archigos data


the leader ID in the LEAD data


These data treat version 4.1 of the Archigos data as the gospel leader data (if you will) for which the observation ID (obsid) is the master code indicating a leader tenure period. It also builds in an assumption that various observations that duplicate in the LEAD data should not have duplicated. This concerns Francisco Aguilar Barquer (who appears twice), Emile Reuter (who appears twice), and Gunnar Thoroddsen (who appears three times) in the LEAD data despite having uninterrupted tenures in office. None of the covariates associated with these leaders change in the LEAD data, which is why I assume they were duplicates.