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create_leaderdyadyears() allows you to created leader dyad-year data from the Archigos data first introduced and described by Goemans et al. (2009).


create_leaderdyadyears(directed = TRUE, system = "gw")



optional, defaults to TRUE. If TRUE, the function returns so-called "directed" leader dyad-year data. If FALSE, the function returns non-directed data where the state codes for the second leader are all greater than the state codes for the second leader.


a character specifying whether the user wants Correlates of War state-years ("cow") or Gleditsch-Ward ("gw") state-years. Gleditsch-Ward is the default.


create_leaderdyadyears() takes remote data available for separate download and returns a complete leader dyad-year data frame for all leaders, and all possible dyads, from 1870 to 2015.


This is a complete and universal leader dyad-year data frame for all possible dyadic leader pairings from 1870 to 2015. This has several implications. First: these data are enormous. The output is over 2 million rows long! Second: the time required to create these data from scratch would take too long for a normal function call. This amounts to an unholy combination of data that are too large for CRAN's disk space restrictions (5 MB) and too time-consuming to do from scratch every time. Thus, the data are pre-generated and stored remotely. Check download_extdata() for more information.


Goemans, Henk E., Kristian Skrede Gleditsch, and Giacomo Chiozza. 2009. "Introducing Archigos: A Dataset of Political Leaders" Journal of Peace Research 46(2): 269--83.


Steven V. Miller


if (FALSE) {
# download_extdata()
# ^ make sure you've run this first.
# default is directed

# non-directed
create_leaderdyadyears(directed = FALSE)