stevedata 0.5.0 (in development)

The newest release will have some new and updated data sets. Additions include:

  • wvs_usa_educat: a data set on how World Values Survey codes education categories for the United States across waves of its data set.

Updates include:

  • new turnip prices in turnips.
  • “zap” formats in af_crime93.

stevedata 0.4.0

The newest release will have some new and updated data sets. These include:

  • anes_partytherms: a data frame on thermometer ratings for the Democratic party, Republican party, and thermometer indices of both in the ANES (1978-2012)
  • turnips: a data frame on turnip prices in Animal Crossing. This will be here, likely, as long as I can commit to doing this.

Examples may have been updated for greater clarity, especially as this release comes with an accompanying site generated by pkgdown. The vignette has been updated as well to account for this.

The release of this package was accelerated by a note from Brian Ripley that R users should anticipate decreased support for direct links by FTP in their preferred web browsers. Accordingly, these links should be changed or scrubbed. This concerned the co2emissions data and documentation. I removed those FTP links. There were no http:// or https:// corollaries. However, the bibliography is still sufficiently informative.

stevedata 0.3.1

The newest release adds a few variables to election_turnout (with the idea of ultimately phasing out this data set). More importantly, CRAN flagged this as a package with unnecessarily large “LazyData” data sets. It makes the change implored by Brian Ripley in the DESCRIPTION file.

stevedata 0.3.0

The newest release will have some new and updated data sets. These include:

  • af_crime93: a data frame on crime for 50 states (+ DC) from around 1993. The data feature a known case of heteroskedasticity.
  • anes_vote84: a data frame on individual-level voter turnout in the 1984 general election. Data come from the 1984 time-series of the American National election Studies.
  • eight_schools: a data frame on the effect of special SAT coaching programs in the famous “eight schools” that we all get when learning Bayesian stuff.
  • min_wage: a data frame on federal minimum wage rates since 1938.

Updates include:

  • Add wkrstat variable to gss_wages.
  • Updating Presidents because Trump’s tenure is mercifully over.

stevedata 0.2.0

The newest release will have some new and updated data sets. These include:

  • fakeAPI: a data frame on academic performance for 10,000 schools in a hypothetical territorial unit. Note: data are fake, but useful for survey-type analyses.
  • nesarc_drinkspd: a data frame on the self-reported drink habits of Americans from a survey in 2001-2002.
  • SCP16: a data frame of observations about the South Carolina party primaries from 2016.
  • ukg_eeri: a data frame on real effective exchange rates for the United Kingdom from 1990 to the most recent year.
  • usa_migration: a data frame on inbound/outbound migration patterns for the United States from 1990 to 2017.
  • usa_tradegdp: a data frame on yearly trade and GDP in the United States from 1790 to 2018.
  • wvs_usa_abortion: a data frame on opinions about abortion across six waves of the World Values Survey in the United States.

stevedata 0.1.0

  • Initial release