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This is the R Markdown template I use for in-class or in-person presentations. For a discussion of some of its features, see here:






Arguments to rmarkdown::beamer_presentation.


Note that xelatex is not required for this template but is heavily suggested. If you elect to use xelatex, you must supply something in titlefont: and mainfont: that your particular LaTeX installation will recognize. See discussion here:

About YAML header fields

titleTitle of the presentation
subtitleSubtitle of the presentation. Optional, but useful. For in-class lectures, I put the class name here.
instituteList your department/college here. Optional.
titlegraphicPut a path to university watermark here. Optional.
scaletgScale titlegraphic relative to the width of the document. Optional, defaults to .3
titlegraphshiftOptional LaTeX commands to move around titlegraphic. Manually escape any LaTeX code you put here. Use with care.
make149Logical, gives 14:9 dimension to presentation (my favorite). Optional, defaults to FALSE.
mainfontThe main font to use with xelatex. I use Open Sans here. Optional, but recommended.
titlefontThe font for slide titles. I use Titillium Web here. Optional, but recommended.
primarycolorSpecifies a "primary" color in six-digit RGB color. Defaults to 002F5F. Optional.
secondarycolorSpecifies a "secondary" color in six-digit RGB color. Defaults to 9BB2CE. Optional.
no_toc_afterWhen TRUE, disables table of contents at end of document. Optional.