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This is the R Markdown template I use for in-class or in-person presentations. For a discussion of some of its features, see here:






Arguments to rmarkdown::beamer_presentation.


Note that xelatex is not required for this template but is heavily suggested. If you elect to use xelatex, you must supply something in titlefont: and mainfont: that your particular LaTeX installation will recognize. See discussion here:

About YAML header fields

titleTitle of the presentation
subtitleSubtitle of the presentation. Optional, but useful. For in-class lectures, I put the class name here.
instituteList your department/college here. Optional.
titlegraphicPut a path to university watermark here. Optional.
scaletgScale titlegraphic relative to the width of the document. Optional, defaults to .25.
make149Logical, gives 14:9 dimension to presentation (my favorite). Optional, defaults to FALSE.
mainfontThe main font to use with xelatex. I use Open Sans here. Optional, but recommended.
titlefontThe font for slide titles. I use Titillium Web here. Optional, but recommended.
primarycolorSpecifies a "primary" color in six-digit RGB color. Defaults to 522D80. Optional.
secondarycolorSpecifies a "secondary" color in six-digit RGB color. Defaults to F56600. Optional.