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Another template for academic articles/manuscripts. For more information, see here: Please note that xelatex is functionally required for this template/function.






Arguments to rmarkdown::pdf_document.


If your version of TeX comes by way of Yihui Xie's tinytex, you'll want to additionally install the "xurl" library. Otherwise, you'll get a vague error about a missing LaTeX dependency. tinytex::tlmgr_install("xurl") should suffice. I thank Ian Adams and Cornelius Hennch for finding this issue and pointing to this solution.

About YAML header fields

This section documents some of the YAML fields to know for this template. Much should've been carried over from my first article/manuscript template. Please yell at me/raise an issue on the Github repo if I didn't.

namename of the author
affiliationthe affiliation of the author
thanksA place to thank people for their input, identify corresponding author, etc.
abstractinclude an abstract of the paper here
keywordssome keywords for the manuscript
anonymouslogical, defaults to FALSE. If TRUE, scrubs all identifying author info for peer review
removetitleabstractlogical, defaults to FALSE. If TRUE, removes title/abstract for peer review (if you'd like)
appendixoptional, but specifies appendix figure/table prefices
endnoteslogical, defaults to FALSE. If TRUE, makes R Markdown footnotes as endnotes
pandocparaslogical, defaults to FALSE. If TRUE, keeps Pandoc's default paragraph format
sansituplogical, defaults to FALSE. If TRUE, better mimics ACM's use of sans fonts for section headers
mainfontoptional (I think?), but it's the main font to use with xelatex. I use cochineal here.
sansfontoptional, only necessary if sansitup: TRUE. Specifies sans font. I recommend Linux Biolinum
doublespacingoptional, if anything is here to process, this will double-space the document.