get_var_info() allows you to peek at your labelled data, extracting a given column's variable labels. The intended use here is mostly "peeking" for the purpose of recoding column's in the absence of a codebook or other form of documentation. gvi() is a shortcut for this function.

get_var_info(.data, x)




a data frame


a column within the data frame


optional, only to make the shortcut (gvi) work


If the column in the data frame is not labelled, the function returns a message communicating the absence of labels. If the column in the data frame is labelled, the function returns a small data frame communicating the var_label() output (var), the (often but not always) numeric "code" coinciding with with the label (code), and the "label" attached to it (label).


This function leans on var_label() and val_label() in the labelled package, which is a dependency for this package. The function is designed to be used in a "pipe."


library(tibble) library(dplyr) library(magrittr) ess9_labelled %>% get_var_info(netusoft) # works, as intended
#> var code label #> 1 Internet use, how often 1 Never #> 2 Internet use, how often 2 Only occasionally #> 3 Internet use, how often 3 A few times a week #> 4 Internet use, how often 4 Most days #> 5 Internet use, how often 5 Every day #> 6 Internet use, how often 7 Refusal #> 7 Internet use, how often 8 Don't know #> 8 Internet use, how often 9 No answer
ess9_labelled %>% get_var_info(cntry) # works, as intended
#> var code label #> 1 Country GB United Kingdom #> 2 Country BE Belgium #> 3 Country DE Germany #> 4 Country EE Estonia #> 5 Country IE Ireland #> 6 Country BG Bulgaria #> 7 Country CH Switzerland #> 8 Country FI Finland #> 9 Country SI Slovenia #> 10 Country NL Netherlands #> 11 Country PL Poland #> 12 Country NO Norway #> 13 Country FR France #> 14 Country RS Serbia #> 15 Country AT Austria #> 16 Country IT Italy #> 17 Country HU Hungary #> 18 Country CY Cyprus #> 19 Country CZ Czechia
ess9_labelled %>% get_var_info(ess9round) # barks at you; data are not labelled
#> get_var_info() requires a labelled column. Otherwise, you get this message.