codename allows for users to create short, pithy code names for their organizations, their work projects, themselves, other people, or whatever else. The core of this package is the eponymous codename() function, which allows the user to create various types of code names. The code names returned from this function, by in large, are a two-word character vector of an attribute and an object. Right now, options include “any” (which is default and incorporates a battery of adjectives and nouns), “gods” (in which the object is the name of a deity or saint from some religion), “ubuntu” (in which the code name is alliterative but the object is always an animal), and “wu-tang” (in which the code name is derived from the classic Wu-Tang Name Generator). codename() also features the ability to use reproducible seeds, including character seeds, for maximum transparency and reproducibility.


You will ideally soon be able to install this on CRAN, as follows:


Until then, you can install the development version of this package through the devtools package.



There isn’t much to belabor here and usage should be self-explanatory. Here is some sample output.


# Generate console message about package version.
# Successive updates may break the expected output of a reproducible seed.
# This just adds some layer of transparency/clarity.
#> code name generated by {codename} v.0.4.0

# defaults to any
#> [1] "moss green implication"
#> [1] "lavender blue snuggle"
#> [1] "warm purple ale"
#> [1] "pinkish train"
codename(seed = 8675309)
#> [1] "yellow orange twist"
codename(seed = "My Project Name: The Subtitle of It Too")
#> [1] "bright blue barbiturate"

codename(type = "gods")
#> [1] "apricot juras mate"
codename(type = "gods")
#> [1] "lighter green mokosh"
codename(type = "gods")
#> [1] "untried chernobog"
codename(type = "gods", seed = 8675309)
#> [1] "scholarly wakan tanka"

codename(type = "ubuntu")
#> [1] "cuddly cricket"
codename(type = "ubuntu")
#> [1] "capital cod"
codename(type = "ubuntu")
#> [1] "joint jaguar"
codename(type = "ubuntu", seed = 8675309)
#> [1] "moss mandrill"
codename(type = "ubuntu", seed = "My Ubuntu Release")
#> [1] "toupe tahr"

codename(type = "wu-tang")
#> [1] "Shriekin’ Wanderer"
codename(type = "wu-tang")
#> [1] "Bittah Knight"
codename(type = "wu-tang")
#> [1] "Zexy Dreamer"
codename(type = "wu-tang", seed = "Steven V. Miller")
#> [1] "X-cessive Observer"

variety_pack(seed = "A Reproducible Character Seed")
#> [1] "afraid patriarch"
#> [1] "meaty ausrine"
#> [1] "banana barnacle"
#> [1] "Scratchin’ Commander"

Hall of Fame Entries

This is an incomplete and running list of some of my favorite returns from this function. Because most of the sample output on the README is a one-off return, these are prone to disappear every time the README is updated. No matter, I want to preserve some of these, for posterity.

  • electric lime agenda
  • second-hand shovel
  • reckless azimuth
  • x-pert anesthesiology
  • sunny sunroom
  • improbable boris
  • criminal outlaw
  • gregarious denominator
  • lawn green insurgence
  • corrupt chickadee
  • realistic democrat
  • creamy escalator

{codename} in the Wild

Here’s a running list of projects that make use of codename. If you would like your project included, please raise an issue on the project’s Github.