This serves as a simple index page for some information about remote data available for download in {peacesciencer}. CRAN has a size requirement—5 MB for the whole package—that can be restrictive for a package that aims to do as many things as {peacesciencer}. This will concern some data sets of interest for users. These are always the largest files in an R package.

How {peacesciencer} Informs You About These Data for Download

First, open R and load {peacesciencer} into the session. If you are greeted with a message about extra data for download, it’s because you just downloaded/updated the package and don’t have these data right now. A simple call of download_extdata() will accomplish this.

# ^ if you just downloaded/updated the package, you'll be 
#   greeted with a message about remote data for download.
# ^ for more information about what's available to download
# ^ downloaded the data, also gives a message about where
#   these data were downloaded.

Data for Remote Download

download_extdata() will download the following data sets into the extdata subdirectory for the package.

Correlates of War Dyadic Trade Data Set (v. 4.0) (cow_trade_ddy.rds)

These are directed dyad-year-level data for national trade from the Correlates of War project.

Directed Leader Dyad-Year Data, 1870-2015 (dir_leader_dyad_years.rds)

These are all directed leader dyad-year data from 1870-2015. Data come from the Archigos data (version 4.1).